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ISBN Verification

Simply enter your ISBN number below and it will be verified that the number is valid. 10 digit ISBN numbers will be converted to 13 digit ISBN numbers in this step.

Free ISBN Barcode Creation

Please complete the form below and an ISBN barcode will be instantly created. You will have the option of adding a price-code and once the barcode is created, you can choose the file format that you prefer, including raster and vector formats.

Important: You will need an ISBN number assigned to your book in order to create a barcode. The barcode is the digital representation of the actual ISBN assigned to your specific title.

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DISCLAIMER: ECKO Publishing offers free barcode creation with no warranty of performance or accuracy. While we have never had a report of one of our barcodes not being properly generated, it is up to you to confirm that the barcode is accurate, readable and scannable. It should of be tested prior to print or distirbution in any form. There are many programs for your computer or smart phone that can scan a barcode to verify the functionality. Please take this warning serious and be diligent with quality standards. For best readability, place your barcode on a white background.

By using this barcode creation service, you take full responsibility for testing and confirming the accuracy of your barcode.

Your 13 Digit ISBN Number
Barcode Height Adjustment
Height is approximately from the top to the bottom. You will want a small amount of white at the top and bottom of the barcodel

Optional: Enter Your Books Suggested Retail Price Below To Embed The Price In The Barcode Please read all instructions below.

This option will embed a price on the right portion of the ISBN barcode. It will not be readable by human eyes, but will be electronically read when scanned. Please note: The retailers database will override any price listed on the barcode. The price-code is used as more of a suggested retail price. If left blank, a "9000" code will be entered, which is a generic code meaning no price data is embeded in the barcode.

Your Suggested Retail Price
Leave blank for no price

Do not enter a currency mark (ex: $,£).
Only enter numbers and decimals
Your Currency Code

Select Not Listed For No Code or If your Currency Is Not Listed

If your book is over 99.99 in your selected currency, you can either use 9999 or do not enter a price above. If no price is entered, 9000 will be used which is a generic code.

Barcode File Types

When you complete the barcode creation above, you will be given the option to download multiple file types. Below is a list of best usage per file type.

  • PDF - The PDF format is usally the best choice since it retains the vector data (line art) of the barcode and the barcodes font is embedded in the barcode. All you have to do is place this barcode directly on your created cover using a program such as Adobe InDesign. You can use this format in photoshop as well but it will no longer be vector data - photoshop will automatically convert it to raster data and you will need to set the DPI quality of your cover which should be 300DPI or 600DPI.
  • EPS - The EPS format is best for designers that understand raster data and want to modify the barcode height or add a human readable price directly to the barcode file, using a program such as Adobe Illustrator. EPS files do not embed fonts and if your computer does not have the same font that the barcode was created with (OCRB), font substitution will occur and the text may need to be modified. The barcode line art will however be unchanged and ready to scan.
  • TIFF - The TIFF format is a raster format which is based on the EPS version and has been rasterized at 600DPI. With this format, you can place the file directly on your cover in many different design programs without worring about font changes. The down side is that many programs will modify the image quality of the TIFF file when placing it in your file. It is very important that the quality is retained and that the lines are clear and sharp.
  • JPG - This is an ideal format for online use. Many popular programs easily support JPG file formats and can be resized direcly in your prefered design programs.


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