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Digital E-book Profit Calculator
for iPad, Kindle, Nook and Google eBook Sales

The system below  will help you calculate your profit per digital book sale using the largest e-book providers. For more information about our Digital Advantage Distribution service, click here.

Digital Distrubition Rate

Digital Retail Rate: $

The above profit calculator does not take in to effect the $0.65 fee from ECKO Publishing

Due to the pricing structures of digital distribution services, there are some requirements that must be met.

  • If your book is currently available for retail distribution as a printed book, your digital price must be at least 20% less than the hard copy.
  • For iPad, the retail price must end with ".99". An example of this would be $7.99 ($7.95 is not acceptable).
  • The pricing structure of each digital service is different so you will make more with some services than others.
  • The pricing structure of digital books is still fluctuating to compete with one another. Since the pricing below will be updated when adjustments are made, the estimated profit below is an estimate based on current rates. Last updated Januaray 25, 2011
  • If your retail rate is between $2.99 and $9.99, Amazon charges a "digital delivery fee" for each sale. This rate is dependent on the file size of the digital book. The current rate is $0.15 per MB (megabyte). For example, if your book is 2MB, amazon charges an additional fee of $0.30 per sale. An average book size is usually around 1MB-2MB. If your book is priced out of this price range (less than $2.99 or greater than $9.99), Amazon takes 60% of the retail rate opposed to 35 %.


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