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Digital Advantage Distribution $249.00
Includes ISBN Number Assignment

Why Digital?

Digital Distribution is a "must have" for all authors who want to take advantage of the ever expanding Digital Book Market. With the availability of Amazon's Kindle, Barnes and Nobles Nook, Apple's iPad and Google's e-book sales, readers from all over the world are now Turning Digital more than ever before.

Many readers are turning to ebook readers because of the convenience and lower book cost. The good news for the author is that, although the book costs less to purchase, the author usually makes much more per book because there are no production costs involved and book sellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble give the author up to a whopping 70% of the retail price opposed to 45% for retail sales (after production costs, that can amount to as low as 25%).

Our Digital Advantage Distribution Package includes making your book available to Kindle, Nook, iPad and Google e-sales. We are happy to say that we have taken a complicated process and made it easy for authors just like you to launch into the lucrative digital book market. The one time cost for the Digital Distribution Package is only $249.00 including ISBN number Assignment.

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You may purchase our Digital Distribution Package in conjunction with one of our Retail Distribution Packages for maximum advantage or it may be purchased on its own.

Once you purchase our Digital Distribution Package you will be able to select the price of your Digital Book and upload your files easily, and then we take care of the rest. If you need assistance preparing your interior for distribution, we offer those services as well; making the entire publishing process flow easily.

Our fee per sale is only $0.65 cents! There are no additional yearly fees.

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If you are also interested in Retail Distribution, click here.

Digital File Conversion

Your purchase includes taking your well formatted Microsoft Word or Adobe inDesign file and converting it to an .epub and .mobi which is used for digital readers. We will spend up to 20 minutes to adjust your files for digital display or you can upload your own .epub or .mobi file ready to go. If you need interior formatting for your file to be well formatted, please visit

Safe and Secure

Digital E-book Distribution is secure by using Digital Rights Managment (DRM).
DRM protection blocks your book from easily being downloaded online for free, however it is not guaranteed. For more information please visit

Digital E-book Profit Calculator

Digital Distrubition Rate

Digital Retail Rate: $

The system above will help you calculate your profit per digital book sale using the largest e-book providers. Due to the pricing structures of digital distribution services, there are some requirements that must be met.

  • If your book is currently available for retail distribution as a printed book, your digital price must be at least 20% less than the hard copy.
  • For iPad, the retail price must end with ".99". An example of this would be $7.99 ($7.95 is not acceptable).
  • The pricing structure of each digital service is different so you will make more with some services than others.
  • The pricing structure of digital books is still fluctuating to compete with one another. Since the pricing below will be updated when adjustments are made, the estimated profit below is an estimate based on current rates. Last updated Januaray 25, 2011
  • If your retail rate is between $2.99 and $9.99, Amazon charges a "digital delivery fee" for each sale. This rate is dependent on the file size of the digital book. The current rate is $0.15 per MB (megabyte). For example, if your book is 2MB, amazon charges an additional fee of $0.30 per sale. An average book size is usually around 1MB-2MB. If your book is priced out of this price range (less than $2.99 or greater than $9.99), Amazon takes 60% of the retail rate opposed to 35 %.


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