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What is your Dream?

Seeing your book in Barnes & Noble, Amazon or on Oprah? You have done the work in writing your book and now it is time to get serious about publishing; you want to make sure that you choose the right publisher, you keep the rights to your book and your book is published according to your vision. It is time to make your dream come true!

Simply read the steps below to pick and choose which service is right for you!

Do you need some help? Email us at and we will be happy to help! You can also call us at 801.505.0516 (Monday-Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm Mountain time)!

All Inclusive Package

Do you want a pre-designed starter package at a big discount?

Our All Inclusive Package includes everything you need to turn your manuscript into a completed book; making it avaliable for world-wide purchase, in your local retailer and online, such as This is a great and easy way to complete your book for much less than anyone else out there!

This package includes everything to complete your book and makes it avaliable for the world to purchase!

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Welcome To Build A Book
  • There are 8 steps in building your book, as indicated in the links on the left.
  • If you only need one of the steps, simply click on the link and then click "Check out."
  • Otherwise click "begin now" and the Build-A-Book system will guide you through the entire book building process.
  • If you do not need a particular publishing service, select "no" or "none."
  • As you complete each step, click "Next" on the bottom right corner to take you to the next step.
  • If you would like to remove or edit any step in your package, click on the appropriate link.
  • Once your package is complete, click "Check Out" which is located next to your total in the green box.
  • After clicking "check out," you will have a chance to review your package and make changes.

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