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Simple Book Marketing Philosophy

The most fun and effective Marketing Strategy is to create a voice for your book. In other words, your book should Speak to Your Audience before they ever even pick it up. People buy books because they feel as if the book is calling to them and can somehow make a difference in their life, in one way or another.

How can you make your book speak to your potential audience?

First of all, it is important to create a clear and concise message that tells readers what your book is about and what they can expect from reading it. This applies to all avenues of marketing; from back text to print ads and even a conversation that you might have with a stranger in your local coffee shop, for example.

It is important to easily list at least 3 things that hypothetical reader will receive from reading your book.

  • How will your book make a difference in their lives?
  • Will they feel better?
  • Will they make more money?
  • Will they meet the love of their life?

Will they learn something new that will enrich their career or their hobby?

Many marketing experts might call this your Elevator Speech; an elevator speech is a clear concise message that you can give to anyone on the way from the first floor to the fifth.

If you are clear, educated and enthusiastic about your book, people will want to read it. Even if they are not interested in the topic, chances are that they know someone who is. Never underestimate the potential of a "good rumor." Word gets around quickly and easily, and the more people who know about your book, the quicker you will reach a tipping point where book sales come in from many sources.

Easy Marketing Tips

In addition to the marketing you can receive through ECKO Publishing, here are some do it Yourself Marketing IDEAS that will jump start you book sales.

  • Since you are the voice for your book, make a point to dress in a way that instills confidence and makes people want what you have.
  • Cultivate a presence that says you are an accomplished author and you know what you are talking about.
  • Email, call or write to everyone you know and let them know you have just published your book. You can sell it directly to them or direct them to your ECKO Books Webpage (included with your membership) where they can buy your book.
  • Go into local bookstores and ask them to carry your book. Let them know you will do a book signing and/or mini workshop/lecture on your book. Book stores love this! Make sure to ask for the person in charge of buying and/or the PR person. If it is a children's book, offer to read your book to a group of children in the children's area one evening. With Your Platinum Package, we will have your books shipped directly to the bookstore.
  • Tell everyone you meet about your book. Your excitement is your best marketing tool! Make sure to carry books in your car or briefcase at all times. You never know when you will sell a book or get a good lead.
  • Write a press release about your book and send it to every newspaper and radio station in your area. Make sure to follow up with a phone call. The media loves local happenings.
  • Send the PR News Release to every newspaper, magazine, TV station and radio station (including Internet Radio) across the county that might be interested in your subject matter.
  • Be creative and look for special events that might offer an opportunity to promote your book.
  • Find groups, schools and organizations that might want you come and speak about the topic of your book.

Think about other types of stores that might be interested in your book. If you have written a book about natural stones, for example, ask your local rock shop to carry your book.


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