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Book Requirements For Distribution

In order for your book to be available for our Print on Demand Distribution Channels, your book must meet some minimum requirements. If ECKO House is doing your cover design and Interior Formatting, we will make sure that your book meets all requirements. If you send us photos, images or graphics that are below quality requirements, we will let you know and offer you solutions. 

If you are setting up your own files or having someone else do it for you, your files must meet the following requirements.  Also, make sure to use the POD Approval Verification Form at the bottom of this page to determine if your book qualifies for Print on Demand Distribution. 

Quality Requirements:

Cover Format: Must be proper size for your book. If you need a book cover template, please go to our Book Cover Template Creator Page.

  • There should be a safety area of 1/16 inch on the left and right spine
  • There must be a .125 inch bleed
  • The interior must contain a minimum of 80 pages to have text on the spine. If under 80 pages, you will still need to add space for a spine, however there can not be any text or any differences (color, logo, etc) on it
  • The cover needs to be submitted in CMYK Color scale
  • The barcode should be 100% black (not rich black)
  • Covers must be 300dpi or 600dpi - 300dpi is adequate, since there is no visible difference in quality once completed
  • Completed covers that are submitted to us should not have any crop marks and template overlay

Interior Format: Must be proper size for your book. If you need a template for your interior design, please go to our Interior Formatting Template page.

  • Submitted to us as a PDF
  • No crop marks on PDF
  • All fonts must be embedded
  • Either CMYK color scale for color books or gray scale for black and white books
  • Margins must be at least .5 inches around all edges for black and white books
  • Full Bleed color books must have a .25 inch bleed around all edges
  • Images (if any) must be 300dpi or greater
For both the interior and cover, all images must either be owned by you, stock photos purchased for print or public domain photos, giving credit to the creator if needed.

Please note that ECKO Publishing will be listed in your book on the title or copyright page, with contact information and website address. 

Print on Demand Approval Verification

To determine if a book size qualifies for POD Distribution, as well as the minimum/maximum number of pages, please enter your book information below. If your book is not yet completed, please give an estimate. You will instantly know if your book size qualifies. If some reason your book size is not eligible for POD Distribution, the errors will be listed below. If your current book size is not available, we can usually adjust your book to make it qualify.

Book Trim Size
This is the completed size of the book
Binding Type
Number of Black &
White Pages in Book

This is how many Black and White pages are in the book. If there is any color at all that you want printed in color, it is not considered a black and white page.
Number of Color
Pages in Book

This is how many full color pages are in the book.
Interior Paper Color
Depending on the size of your book,
we can use cream color paper at no extra cost.

If you have not yet done so, you can also calculate your profit per book which takes into effect wholesale rate and manufacturing cost. Click here to go to the profit calculator.


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