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Book Cover Template Creation

If ECKO Publishing is not completing your cover design, we have provided a system to dynamically create cover templates for every size book we can print for you. Please use the form below to enter how many pages are in your book, what trim size your book will be and what type of printing process will be used. Do not use this system if you are not printing with ECKO Publishing since it is designed for our printing specifications in mind.

We supply two types of templates:

  1. Cover Design With Markup - This template includes all cover dimensions clearly written as well as what each color guide is for.
  2. Cover Design Without Markup - This template does not include any dimensions clearly written. This is for designers who will overlay this on top of their working file.

We suggest downloading both files since the first one gives clear instructions and dimensions while the second one gives an easy to use overlay template.

When designing your book cover, there are a few more specifications that you must take into effect.

  1. There should be a safety area of 1/16 inch on the left and right spine.
  2. The interior must contain a mininum of 80 pages to have text on the spine. If under 80 pages, you will still need to add space for a spine, however there can not be any text or any differences (color, logo, etc) on it.
  3. The cover needs to be submitted in CMYK color scale.
  4. The barcode should be 100% black (not rich black).
  5. Covers must be 300dpi or 600dpi - 300dpi is suggested since there is no visible difference in quality once completed.
  6. Completed covers submitted to us should not have any crop marks and template overlay.
Cover Template Creator
Type of Template Cover Template With Markup
Cover Template Without Markup
Book Trim Size
Number of Pages in Book
Printing Process Quantity Printing
Print on Demand (Platinum Members)
Paper Color White

The template created is in a PDF format with a transparent background. This means you can overlay the template in your working document. If for example you are using Adobe Photoshop to design your cover, you can open the PDF in photoshop and you will be asked what resolution to rasterize the file at. This should be the same as your cover photoshop document. If your cover design is at 300dpi, rasterize the PDF at 300dpi. Please review th printscreen image below for more information. For applications such as Adobe InDesign, you can place the PDF file directly into your woring document - No rasterizing is needed.

This template creator does not check to see if your book is printable or qualifies for Print on Demand. To check this, please go to the printing cost calculator by clicking here.

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