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Your Profit Per Book

ECKO Publishing does not limit the ways in which you sell your book. We give you the ability to sell your book and retain as much profit as possible! Below are the most common ways your book can be sold and an example of how much profit you can expect per sale from each book.

To calculate your profit per book when sold, complete the simple form below by following these simple instructions:

Instructions: In Step 1, determine the manufacturing cost of your book by entering the number of pages in your book and the desired dimensions of your book.

Step 2, enter the desired retail price of your book and press Calculate Your Profit. You will then be given a breakdown of your profits. A wholesale rate of 55% is the standard discount rate. If your wholesale rate is below 55%, retailers are less likely to sell your book. To understand the "wholesale rate" please read below.

Step 1 - Calculate Your Print on Demand Cost Per Book
Book Trim Size
This is the completed size of the book
Binding Type
This is how the book is bound together.
Perfect Bind is the most common
Number of Black &
White Pages in Book

This is how many Black and White pages are in the book. If there is any color at all that you want printed in color, it is not considered a black and white page.
Number of Color
Pages in Book

This is how many full color pages are in the book.
Interior Paper Color
Depending on the size of your book,
we can use cream color paper at no extra cost.
Step 2 - Calculate your Retail Profit Per Book Sale
Manufacture Cost Per Book $
This is how much your book costs to print and distribute in the United States
Retail Price $
This will be the retail price in the United States
Wholesale Rate %
This is the discount rate from the retail price in the United States

Below are some examples to help you better understand how much profit you make depending on the sale source.

The numbers used in the charts are for demonstration purposes and may not reflect your book.

Your Profit When Sold From Retail Locations

When your book is sold from retail locations such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, "Mortar & Brick" locations and, the retailers purchase the book at 55% of the retail price. With our Platinum Membership, your book will be printed and distributed via a Print on Demand Distribution Service and shipped to the retailer who has ordered your books. When your books are sold, you receive a royalty payment per book. This fee is easily determined by taking the retail price of the book and subtracting 55%; leaving you with 45% of the retail price. The manufacturing cost then comes out of that 45%. The balance is your profit and your royalty fee. Unlike other publishing companies, we take no additional royalties from your profit, leaving you much more in your pocket.

Retail location will not list your book unless it is discounted by at least 55%.

Profit Per Book When Sold Via Retail Location

Your Profit When Sold Directly From
You To The Consumer

When books are sold from you to a customer, you retain all profit after the initial manufacturing cost. You simply purchase the quantity of books you desire and sell them directly to your customers, bypassing all retailer fees. In the example to the right, you retain 80% after the manufacturing cost.

If you are doing seminars, classes, other public speaking or plan on selling on your own website, this is a great revenue stream for you!

Profit Per Book When Sold Personally

It is highly suggested that you take advantage of all distribution and sales methods.
The more ways that your book is available to the public, the more sales you will make.

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