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ECKO Books 

ECKO Books was created especially for the authors of ECKO Publishing as a way for them to easily sell their books while making the largest royalties with any known book seller.  Most book sellers like Barnes and Noble and Amazon pay authors only 45% of the retail rate. With ECKO Publishing, authors receive anywhere from 60 % to 70% of the retail sale. This can definitely add up over time. 

When you sell your book on ECKO Books, your book gets its very own webpage and web address where you can direct your customers to buy books. When books are sold, ECKO Books does all the work for you  in handling all orders and shipping. You can sit back and rake in the royalties without worrying about fulfilling orders. 

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*ECKO Books must have a minimum of 5 books in stock to be make your book available. 


Phone: 1.888.255.7855

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