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How To Create A PDF Document

PDF documents are used for everything from digital e-books to professional quality printing. PDF documents are so versatile since the software is designed to display the exact same format on everyone's computer no matter their operating system and numerous other factors. If you are printing with ECKO Publishing and we are not completing your design work, you will need to convert your document(s) into high quality PDF documents in their final size and ready to be printed.  Below is a quick guide on how to create a PDF document using publicly available software.

The below guide is for Microsoft Windows users. Mac's with OS-X and beyond have pre-built PDF converters.

  1.  Many design applications have built in PDF converters (ex: Adobe Indesign, Photoshop does but Microsoft Word does not - MS Word is not a design application). If your application has a built in converter, it is as simple as saving the new format and you are done.
  2. If your application does not have a built in PDF converter, you will need to download and install one of the many applications out there. One of the more popular programs is PrimoPDF  - it is free for personal and individual commercial use. Once you click on the link above , a new page will open up show some of the many features of the program as well as a download link. Click on the download link and continue to download the software to your computer (save the file to your desktop). Once the file is saved to your desktop, double click on file called FreewarePrimoPDF.exe and follow the installer's information. Continue below once the software is installed.
  3. Open your completed file that we will be using for printing - your completed file should set to the correct size and not require any additional corrections. Once your file is open, select File->Print. Once the print option box opens up, under the printer names drop-down box, you will see a printer named PrimoPDF listed. Select PrimoPDF as your printer. You will now need to click the Properties button (usually next to the drop-down list. Within the properties, select the Advanced button located at the bottom of the Properties box. With the advanced options open, you will see a drop-down list for Paper Size. Under that list, there is a lot of common paper sizes. You will need to select the proper size for your book. If your book size is not listed, select PostScript Custom Page Size. Then you can enter a custom document size in the width and height boxes. Now press OK until you return to the main print page and press OK.
  4. A new box will popup containing multiple options on how to create your PDF. You will want to select the Prepress option and press Create PDF. Save the file on your computer (likley to your desktop) and give the proper file name. You have now created a Print-Ready PDF.
  5. We suggest opening the completed PDF and inspect it very carefully since this is what you will be uploading to us for printing. If you see any items requiring change, delete the newly created PDF- DO NOT DELETE YOUR ORIGINAL DOCUMENT, update your original document and continue the process until you are satisfied with your PDF document.
  6. You can now upload your PDF document in your ECKO Account under the correct order. If you have had any problems creating your PDF, you may want to review the website for the program you used to create the PDF with (PrimoPDF help can be found here). If you require additional help, you may contact us but we may not be able to help you with your exact problem since this is not our software.

If you can not open the PDF document, you may not have an application to open PDF documents. You can download Adobe Reader from here. Follow the installation instructions listed there.



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