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Get your book listed with the Largest Distribution Network in the World!
Our Distribution Packages empower you to get your book where it can be seen and available!

Choose between U.S Distribution and Worldwide Distribution - both packages include ISBN:

Worldwide Distribution - $288.00 - one time fee
U.S Only Distribution - $ 238.00 - one time fee

We provide you with a Distribution Package that makes your book available through Print On Demand Distribution and listed with Ingram, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and many more book retailers and online book stores.

How does POD Distribution work?

With POD Distribution you don't need to print large quantities of books as with other types of distribution. Instead, when a book store orders your book, or it is purchased online, the book is printed on demand and shipped to the book store or customer. You receive royalties for all books that are sold without having huge printing expenses or having to store large amounts of books. This means that there is no out of pocket expense for printing and everything is done for you, including shipping to your customers.

  • You select the retail selling price of your book and the amount of royalties that you will receive.
  • Distribution also lists your book on Amazon so you don't have to spend additional money or deal with a complicated application process; we do it all for you.
  • Worldwide Distribution includes distribution in the United States, U.K, Canada, Europe and more.
  • Worldwide or U.S Distribution both include ISBN with barcode.
  • There is a yearly fee of $24.95 to keep your book updated in distribution.
  • You keep all rights to your book and may cancel distribution at any time.

To understand how royalty payments work and to determine how much profit you will receive per book, click here to use our Profit Calculator.

How do I Sign Up for Distribution?

Click here to purchase U.S Distribution for $238.00

Click here to purchase Worldwide Distribution for $288.00

Check out Our All Inclusive Platinum Distribution Package:

The Platinum Distribution Package Includes: ISBN, Barcode, Copyrighting, LCCN, Amazon Listing, ECKO Books Listing and Worldwide Distribution through Ingram. Click here to learn more!

Digital Distribution

Are you interested in Digital Distribution for your book? Click here for information!


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