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Copyright Registration

copyright_graphicWe professionally copyright your work with the U.S. Copyright Office. Your work is submitted in your name making you the only legal owner of your work.

Registering your work with the U.S Copyright Office legally establishes you as the owner of your work. Without this protection, another person can steal your work and claim it as their own. By copyrighting your work, you have legal proof that your work is truly yours!

Below are some common questions asked about copyrighting.

How Long Does It Take To Copyright My Work?

Once you upload your work to our secure site via your member area, we electronically submit it to the U.S. Copyright Office. Your work is considered officially copyrighted once the US copyright office receives it with the required documentation. Digital submission is the fastest way to copyright your work.

We provide you with an official service request number issued from the U.S. Copyright Office as confirmation that your work is officially copyrighted!

Since we submit your work digitally to the U.S. Copyright Office, it usually takes about 6 months for you to receive your official copyright certificate but this is subject to the copyright office. If it is not done digitally, the process can take up to 2 years. This is the same for anyone who copyrights work. The certificate will be sent directly to you from the U.S. Copyright Office.

Why Should I Copyright My Work?

Copyrighting is the best way to legally protect your work because it establishes a public record of your copyright with a government agency - the U.S Copyright Office.

Many people attempt to copyright their work themselves only to have their submission returned due to inaccurate form preparation and material submission. We make sure your work is copyrighted correctly the first time and the copyright office will accept your submission - saving you time, money and making sure your work is really protected.

Copyrighting does not mean that someone can't steal your work but copyrighting your work protects you in two ways:

  1. It lets people know that you are the owner of the work and that it is legally protected. In other words, it makes them think twice before they infringe on your legal rights to the ownership of your work.
  2. If someone should use part or all of your work, you have an official copyright registration with the U.S government to prove that you are the owner of your work and that your work was registered on a particular date.

If your work is not registered and someone else uses or claims your work as their own, you will have to go to great lengths to prove that you are the originator of the work. Copyrighting your work with the U.S Copyright Office provides enormous protection against possible infringement. If your work is registered before an infringement occurs, you may be eligible for large statutory damages of up to $150,000.


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