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Professional Cover Design

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Your book cover is your Golden Ticket to the world! A sensational book cover gets attention and makes people want to read your book. If you have taken the time to write a great book, your book deserves an awesome cover that tells potential readers, this book is worth their time, energy and money! An investment in a professional cover is an investment in the success of your book!

Starting From $249.00
Includes Stock Photography

Custom Book Cover Design

All Covers are individually created according to your ideas and the theme of your book. No two covers that we design are ever the same. We have two cover design packages to choose from. The basic cover design is for authors who are on a budget. The advanced cover design is for authors who want to make their book stand out in a crowd.

Professional Cover Design

Basic or Advanced?

Advanced Cover Design: $389.00
Choose the Advanced Cover Design if you want that Best Seller Quality! The advanced design allows us to give your cover greater attention to details, more sparkle and up to three rounds of changes. We can use your high quality photos and ideas or ours. The advanced cover design includes: multiple photos, layering, more design work and we supply stock photography as needed.

Basic Cover Design: $249.00
The Basic Cover Design is right for you if you are looking for a simpler design. It includes: one stock photo, title, author, back cover text, spine and one round of changes. We can use your high quality photo or ours.

To purchase, simply use the Build-A-Book form below and select Basic or Advanced cover design and click Checkout.

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